About us


Hello sweet friends, I’m so glad you’re here!
I’m Nazly, mama to two amazing kids and founder of Baking School Club. I started Baking School Club as a mom who is passionate about children empowerment and baking.

How it all started

The Tired Mom Dilemma

As a mom who loves to bake with her kids, I dreaded the thought of baking after a tiring day. Instead of it being a fun and therapeutic activity, it was a source of stress; I knew I had to stand for at least an hour, there would be a three-year old throwing flour everywhere, a six year old who has a knack for “tweaking” recipes, and a whole lot of cleaning up to do.
But why should that mean that they still don’t get the opportunity to do something they love?

The Boxed Cake Mix Dilemma

I often looked at cake mix shelves at the supermarket and wondered why they sold millions of boxes around the world. The answer was obvious: they eliminate fussing over a recipe, they are convenient, and, above all, they are cheap. But with the cheap price tag comes a long list of questionable chemicals, additives, artificial flavours and colours, hydrogenated fats, and the list goes on.

The Solution

I knew there is a lot more room for improvement, so one day I dreamed up a baking activity box that:

👉 Presents mothers with the opportunity to take a much-deserved break by sittervising (supervising from a seated position, i.e. every parent’s dream!) while the kids take the lead in the kitchen.

👉 Offers parents and children the ease and convenience of baking and decorating extraordinary desserts at home without ever compromising on the quality of ingredients.

And I didn’t want the adventure to end once the cake was out of the oven. I wanted to extend the fun and give the kids a challenge to take their bakes to the next level, to let their creativity wheels spin.

Our Why

Because our young bakers are at the front and center of everything we do. We want to:

👉 Encourage their independence, confidence, and sense of accomplishment by helping them take the lead in the kitchen.

👉 Help them see and understand what goes in their food.

👉 Teach them different baking and decorating techniques.

👉 Spark their creativity by helping them make magic out of simple ingredients.

👉 Teach them a healthy approach to eating by balancing delicious nutrient-packed bakes and fun sweeter treats.

Welcome to Baking School Club, I am so excited to have you on our journey!

Talk to you soon,