Who We Are

At Baking School Club, we help you raise leaders in the kitchen and out in the world by nurturing a sense of independence and accomplishment which enable them to have a long-lasting impact on their communities.

Our goal is to spark children’s creativity by helping them make magic out of simple ingredients, while offering parents stress-free quality time with their kids, or taking a much-needed break to  themselves.

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  • Pre-measured and labeled natural ingredient packs

    Designed for minimum waste, you receive exactly what you need for the recipe. To minimize packaging waste, ingredients are packed together according to the step.

  • Step-by-step instructions

    ...with photos. Meant to help children self-guide with confidence, ensuring they would need minimal guidance when required.

  • Fun Baking Tools

    Most of our kits include a fun baking tool like doughnut or bundt silicone molds. We also always include parchment paper, or muffin/cupcake wrappers for convenience.

  • Reward Chart and Stickers

    Receive a reward chart in your first box and a reward sticker in each box. Win a special gift every 4 stickers!

  • 1. Choose and order your baking kit.

  • 2. We gather high quality ingredients, premeasure them, and pack them with fun baking tools for your convenience.

  • 3. Receive your baking kit and have a great time baking!

  • 4. Share with us your creations by tagging us using #BSCsquad

The BSC Difference

  • Premium Bakery-quality recipes

    Create magic every single time using our incredible recipes. Forget ordinary bakes and become a pastry chef regardless of your baking skills

  • Premium Ingredients and everything is included even egg and butter

    No chemicals, additives, or ingredients you can't pronounce! We only use high quality natural ingredients including a fresh vanilla pod in every dessert kit.

  • Plastic-free packaging + grouping ingredients to minimize packaging waste

  • Plant-based colors, whenever possible.

  • Encouraging a healthy balance between delicious nutrient-packed treats and fun sweeter desserts.

  • Locally-produced and sourced ingredients, whenever possible